A focus on kids and families.

North Campus is a community centered around education. Located in north St. Louis City, North Campus includes the O'Fallon neighborhood and sections of the Penrose and College Hill neighborhoods 

In 2012, French founded The North Campus, an education initiative modeled after The Harlem Children’s Zone in New York City. Currently, the organization runs 3 sites, serving over 100 students daily. 

"What I know is that education and poverty is a complicated problem. For too long St. Louis Public Schools has tackled the problem from their perspective, the police department has tackled the problem from their perspective, and various departments of the city and state and federal government attack it from their perspective. No one is coordinating the efforts. And that's what I've done through North Campus"

Antonio knows that students are not successful when the odds are stacked against them outside of the school building. As Mayor, he will replicate the efforts of North Campus across the city, transforming how we tackle education issues in the city. Safe streets, supportive after-school and summer programs, family engagement; all of these factors will set our students up for success.