Everyone deserves a place to stay.

These Rebuilding Days are part of our larger strategy to make north St. Louis safer and improve the quality of life for all.

Homelessness is a problem that we need to address from a point of compassion as opposed to the business development/economic hindrance that the current establishment uses in developing the policy. Antonio believes that we don’t need to station a police car at a shelter and intimidate volunteers from coming down to help; we don’t need to look down on people who find themselves at a shelter.  

Like education, homelessness is not an issue that one can view alone. It is a symptom of bigger issues like lack of jobs, public safety issues, and poor infrastructure. As Mayor, Antonio will make sure we address homelessness by ensuring that people are receiving the assistance they need from job placement and home repairs to mental and physical health care, thus reducing the duration of homelessness.


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