Antonio is in this for us. 

We need a mayor who understands the whole city, not just the nice parts. We need a mayor who is comfortable in all of our diverse communities. Antonio understands that the issues facing our city today are complicated and interrelated and will require innovative solutions. 

You know Antonio French. You've seen him on the streets, fighting for the rights of all citizens. You know his work reforming St. Louis City government and being outspoken about issues in City Hall. You've seen his commitment to advocating on behalf of kids and disenfranchised people. He doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk--every day.

The next Mayor of St. Louis must be held accountable for the quality of life improving in every neighborhood. St. Louis families, in every neighborhood, deserve a mayor who is more than a bunch of talking points and buzzwords. Antonio has never been shy to take on the establishment and to stand up for what’s right, and he will continue to do so as your next mayor. 

Check out where Antonio stands on the issues below and how he will continue to work for YOU!