Investing in small businesses in our neighborhoods.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "The March 7 mayoral primaries offer St. Louisans a basic choice: Maintain an unacceptable status quo or take a chance on a substantially new direction. Democratic voters' best option to put our city on a better course is to choose 21st Ward Alderman Antonio French.

St. Louis needs jobs, good paying jobs. We are not going to fix the economic issues with our city by focusing on one or two giant stadium projects; we are going to do it by encouraging businesses to come to our city and put this amazing city back to work. Under-employment is too high and we have men and women working two and three jobs just to make ends meet. Antonio will focus on bringing jobs to both sides of Delmar, not just the central corridor.

Antonio has worked at the policy level to bring resources to small businesses in the city, diverting funds from big developments to provide grants and low-interest loans to help new small businesses open in low-income areas. Antonio also believes city contractors should be punished financially when they do not meet minority participation and city resident worker percentages. As mayor, he will continue to find ways to bring resources to small businesses in our neighborhoods who employ city residents.