Writing and filming the truth.

In 2002, Antonio turned to journalism as a means of creating the change that St. Louis so desperately needed. He founded an alternative newspaper called Public Defender. The paper reported on stories that no other publication dared touch -- controversial police shootings, cronyism in the mayor's office, and most memorable, the notorious Team Four Plan.

Public Defender eventually became PubDef.net, a popular political blog that covered St. Louis politics and education issues like no one before. PubDef.net introduced on-demand video content into the local political discussion and regularly broke major news stories hours, days and sometimes weeks before the major media outlets. In 2007, St. Louis Magazine named Antonio French the region's best blogger. The St. Louis Business Journal called him one of the most influential voices in local media. His reporting was even featured on NBC's "Meet the Press". French also started a newspaper called the NorthSider, written by and distributed to north St. Louis residents, which is still in circulation today. 

Antonio's passion for keeping all citizens informed of the truth didn't end there. In 2014, French gained national visibility for his role in documenting the protests over the shooting of Michael Brown, for which he was arrested. French was among the first of elected officials involved in the Ferguson protests, acting as social media-/photo- journalist and mediator.