Antonio is in this for us. 

We need a mayor who understands the whole city, not just the nice parts. We need a mayor who is comfortable in all of our diverse communities. Antonio understands that the issues facing our city today are complicated and interrelated and will require innovative solutions. 

You know Antonio French. You've seen him on the streets, fighting for the rights of all citizens. You know his work reforming St. Louis City government and being outspoken about issues in City Hall. You've seen his commitment to advocating on behalf of kids and disenfranchised people. He doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk--every day.

The next Mayor of St. Louis must be held accountable for the quality of life improving in every neighborhood. St. Louis families, in every neighborhood, deserve a mayor who is more than a bunch of talking points and buzzwords. Antonio has never been shy to take on the establishment and to stand up for what’s right, and he will continue to do so as your next mayor. 

Check out where Antonio stands on the issues below and how he will continue to work for YOU!

Investing in small businesses in our neighborhoods.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "The March 7 mayoral primaries offer St. Louisans a basic choice: Maintain an unacceptable status quo or take a chance on a substantially new direction. Democratic voters' best option to put our city on a better course is to choose 21st Ward Alderman Antonio French.

St. Louis needs jobs, good paying jobs. We are not going to fix the economic issues with our city by focusing on one or two giant stadium projects; we are going to do it by encouraging businesses to come to our city and put this amazing city back to work. Under-employment is too high and we have men and women working two and three jobs just to make ends meet. Antonio will focus on bringing jobs to both sides of Delmar, not just the central corridor.

Antonio has worked at the policy level to bring resources to small businesses in the city, diverting funds from big developments to provide grants and low-interest loans to help new small businesses open in low-income areas. Antonio also believes city contractors should be punished financially when they do not meet minority participation and city resident worker percentages. As mayor, he will continue to find ways to bring resources to small businesses in our neighborhoods who employ city residents. 

Public Safety is about accountability.

On day one, Antonio will instruct the Public Safety Commissioner to fire Sam Dotson and will use the full weight and bully pulpit of the Mayor's office to see that it is done. Dotson's policies have not worked, and anyone who believes we are on the path to a safe and viable city with him at the helm has their head stuck in the sand. 

Next, Antonio will open up the search for the next Chief nationwide; this is something that has never been done in St. Louis. Its' time we have a new perspective and approach to policing and it will be about finding the best person for the job, not just the next person for the job. St. Louis needs someone who will hold his department accountable for the actions it takes.

Antonio has been fighting to change the factors that lead to violent crime in our neighborhood since he first became an elected official. In his first year as Alderman, he dropped homicides in his ward by 80% by targeting high crime streets with surveillance cameras, which act as deterrents and unafraid witnesses.

His comprehensive plan, published over a year ago, is the most detailed plan seen by the city. It views crime as a predictable outcome of the circumstances allowed to fester in neighborhoods for too long; when we change those circumstances, we change the outcome. 

See his full public safety plan here.    

St. Louis Alderman Antonio French called on Mayor Francis Slay and his police chief to present a comprehensive plan to address rising violent crime.

Listen to Alderman French discussing real solutions to St. Louis' crime problem.

When a comprehensive plan to reduce violence in the City of St. Louis never came from the Mayor's office, Antonio took time to come up with one himself. His full comprehensive plan can be found here

21st Ward Alderman Antonio French discusses the anti-crime surveillance cameras in some of St. Louis' toughest neighborhoods.

It's the little things that keep people around.

Antonio knows that it is things like clean alleyways, safe parks, and easily-accessible public transportation that make people's lives better. That's why he's been working toward making those things a reality for city residents since he took office. As Mayor, Antonio will continue to focus on the things that make people want to move into the city, not out of it. 

"For me, my son is my hourglass. He is a representation of the sense of urgency that I have to improve our communities", says French.

Antonio knows that all neighborhoods in the city deserve the same attention that downtown and the central corridor get. And that's what he plans to focus on as Mayor.

Alderman Antonio French discusses the efforts to transform the O'Fallon and Penrose neighborhoods in north St. Louis.

Tim Lampley interviews Alderman French and others about the new O'Fallon Park Recreational Center. 

As mayor, Antonio will make major investments in public transportation -- and not just light rail, but bus transportation too.

A focus on kids and families.

North Campus is a community centered around education. Located in north St. Louis City, North Campus includes the O'Fallon neighborhood and sections of the Penrose and College Hill neighborhoods 

In 2012, French founded The North Campus, an education initiative modeled after The Harlem Children’s Zone in New York City. Currently, the organization runs 3 sites, serving over 100 students daily. 

"What I know is that education and poverty is a complicated problem. For too long St. Louis Public Schools has tackled the problem from their perspective, the police department has tackled the problem from their perspective, and various departments of the city and state and federal government attack it from their perspective. No one is coordinating the efforts. And that's what I've done through North Campus"

Antonio knows that students are not successful when the odds are stacked against them outside of the school building. As Mayor, he will replicate the efforts of North Campus across the city, transforming how we tackle education issues in the city. Safe streets, supportive after-school and summer programs, family engagement; all of these factors will set our students up for success.   

Everyone deserves a place to stay.

These Rebuilding Days are part of our larger strategy to make north St. Louis safer and improve the quality of life for all.

Homelessness is a problem that we need to address from a point of compassion as opposed to the business development/economic hindrance that the current establishment uses in developing the policy. Antonio believes that we don’t need to station a police car at a shelter and intimidate volunteers from coming down to help; we don’t need to look down on people who find themselves at a shelter.  

Like education, homelessness is not an issue that one can view alone. It is a symptom of bigger issues like lack of jobs, public safety issues, and poor infrastructure. As Mayor, Antonio will make sure we address homelessness by ensuring that people are receiving the assistance they need from job placement and home repairs to mental and physical health care, thus reducing the duration of homelessness.


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