It's the little things that keep people around.

Antonio knows that it is things like clean alleyways, safe parks, and easily-accessible public transportation that make people's lives better. That's why he's been working toward making those things a reality for city residents since he took office. As Mayor, Antonio will continue to focus on the things that make people want to move into the city, not out of it. 

"For me, my son is my hourglass. He is a representation of the sense of urgency that I have to improve our communities", says French.

Antonio knows that all neighborhoods in the city deserve the same attention that downtown and the central corridor get. And that's what he plans to focus on as Mayor.

Alderman Antonio French discusses the efforts to transform the O'Fallon and Penrose neighborhoods in north St. Louis.

Tim Lampley interviews Alderman French and others about the new O'Fallon Park Recreational Center. 

As mayor, Antonio will make major investments in public transportation -- and not just light rail, but bus transportation too.