RT @OFA_MO: President @BarackObama has protected land equal to nearly six times the size of Missouri since taking office. https://t.co/zeB5T0Gx7s
Today in Black History: Feb 13, 1970: New York Stock Exchange admits first black member, Joseph Searles III. https://t.co/QJrcLrXygD #bhm
RT @WillMcAvoyACN: High ranking officials in MI government were aware of a surge in legionnaires’ disease months before telling public. https://t.co/7JaI3o8XMA
RT @arishapiro: My @npratc interview with Ferguson mayor James Knowles seems to have sparked a strong reaction. Audio is here: https://t.co/Dlj9rbBa97
RT @North_Campus: Celebrating and teaching #blackhistorymonth John Thompson, chairman of Microsoft, the real "black Bill Gates". https://t.co/KdBuDP07ls
#Ferguson planned to get around the #consentdecree by outsourcing police services. DOJ was right to sue. https://t.co/MttZ6RQHRM

Alderman Antonio French